About Joe Digi Media

My friends call me Joe Digi.  I’ve always been the entrepreneurial type. I was always looking for an angle, even in grade school. Every weekend my mother would take me to a local flea market, and I would buy a bunch of whatever, to bring with me to school on Monday and push the “deal of the week”. I remember selling buttons with funny sayings, rock band pins, personalized notepads with your name on it, and the best of all… GUM! I would buy a pack of bubbalicious for $.25 and sell each piece for that much… that’s how I got my start.
I always had a passion for music, I had the pleasure of singing in a couple bands just out of high school, but I knew that wasn’t going to make me the almighty dollar I desperately yearned for. While looking for other career options I found a job ad in a local paper for a karaoke host, I could sing and earn $100 a night. The karaoke job evolved into a DJ gig which lasted over 15 years.

While DJing was a gig for nights and weekends, I still worked a full time day job. I started a screen printing and graphic design business, designing and selling tee shirts at local flea markets. The screen printing turned to opening “Shirt Happens” on Hampton and Salisbury beaches. With much success I moved towards a non seasonal gift store “Creative Gifts”, which unfortunately was not so successful…

After several other failed attempts, in late 2001 / early 2002 while searching the internet, I found PubCrawl.net, an Arizona based pub crawl / party bus company. At that time it was only in Arizona, but founder Sean Tierney had a great plan of PubCrawl.net being in every major city… I LOVED IT. After much procrastination I flew out to Arizona to experience the pub crawl mayhem… Ah yes… It was Cinco de Mayo… I knew I NEEDED to bring this concept to Boston. Today I am owner of Boston Party Tours, party bus service. We service Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. We currently operate 4 buses in our fleet and continue to grow.

Working with a shoestring advertising budget for Boston Party Tours, I had accepted the task of handling the advertising and promotions myself. I created Joe Digi Media and began learning all I could about online marketing, search engine optimization, and eventually social media. Joe Digi Media has built a strong presence for Boston Party Tours online and continues to be  ranked #1 for several of our targeted keywords.

Joe Digi Media is once again expanding. This time I am here to offer my services and knowledge to you. I want to help you grow your business, and assist you in creating new opportunities & clientele.

I look forward to helping YOUR business grow as I did mine.

~ Joe Digi